Screening Trends and Predictions for 2016

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Making predictions about interesting screening trends for the next year is one of my most fun year-end activities, just marginally less exciting than the plethora of holiday festivities and family gatherings that are about to be unleashed.

With a customer base of tens of thousands of organizations, we at HireRight like to think that we have a fairly keen sense for the trends that are happening in recruiting generally, and background screening in particular.

In 2016, we believe a number of existing screening trends will continue to accelerate:

Background Screening Steps That Can Reduce Your Risk of a Bad Hire

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Thorough background checks are a fundamental measure that employers can take to help minimize the risk of negligent hiring claims and other potential sources of liability that can follow and flow from employee misconduct.

Despite the increase in litigation against employers regarding the technical rules for obtaining background reports and the proliferation of so-called “ban the box” laws, there remain strong reasons for conducting thorough background checks.

Overcoming the 4 Main Challenges of Health Care Contingent Worker Background Screening

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Any worker hired on a temporary basis by a health care organization is known as a contingent worker or non-employee. Contingent workers can be directly hired by an organization’s human resources department or indirectly employed through a third-party vendor such as a staffing agency. HireRightHireRight is a leading provider of on-demand employment background checks, drug […]